2018 Theme: "No Turning Back - Luke 9:57-62"

Worship Opportunities

Sunday Discipleship School - 9:30AM

Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30AM - 11:45AM

W.W.W. Bible Study - Noon & 7PM Wednesdays
"Worship, Work & Word"

Vision Statement:

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to focus on God our Lord and Savior, to love, uplift and encourage anyone we greet, as we reach out to assist Christians, Members of Zion Grove, and the Greater Kansas City Community. We are missioned to be doorkeepers, and true servants of the house of the God. Romans 12:4-13; “Although we are many in one body of Christ, as in God’s word we will work together as one serving as one body of Christ.”

Our purpose is to do our best in service, as we pray to the Lord Jesus and render his love to humanity.

Give monthly donations to the church pantry, make quarterly visits to the sick and homebound, and fellowship with members.

Attend monthly second Tuesday business and instructional meetings in order to grow in levels of ushering, and to strengthen our Christian walk and dedication to God’s call.

Kim Alexander kimberlyn.alexander44@gmail.com
Patricia Fowler
Gloria Gates

**Ministry meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30PM